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We created BKUPGEEK to help small businesses get proper IT Care. There are many small businesses today that have unknowingly put their data in a high-risk data loss situation. Their chances of data loss are far too high. Many small businesses think of and treat IT Care in the same way they would treat a plumber or electrician. If there is a problem, then give them a call. This method of IT Care doesn't work for computer backups. Computer backups require daily attention and the knowledge to manage them. We highly recommend that all small businesses, regardless of size, have a professional IT Services firm manage their backups. Be sure to check out our article "Top 10 Questions To Help You Select A Backup Management Firm".

The top 5 areas were we find backup mistakes.

  1. Not backing up all the data.
  2. Not updating the backup when changes occur in the IT environment.
  3. Not verifying the backup is good regularly.
  4. No offsite backup.
  5. Not verifying the backup ran correctly daily.

There is a common misconception about backup software. People are under the impression that it can be set up one time to work correctly without issue. Once you work with backup software you quickly realize that is far from the truth. Computer backups require management. Without it, you are putting your small business at risk. Don’t put your business at risk, find an IT Services firm, such as BKUPGEEK, to manage your backups.


When we mention HIPAA to Office Managers and Business Owners it normally brings on a negative reaction or at least a groan or roll of the eyes. HIPAA is a set of regulations forced on those companies that hold HIPAA related data. Because it is forced on these companies it has negative connotations associated with it. As we talk to Office Managers and Business Owners more about HIPAA the more we realize that they don't understand the regulations and how to apply them. One of our founders, Bud Bachman, was fortunate to be placed in the position of HIPAA Compliance Officer and had the opportunity to work with a HIPAA Compliance company. It allowed him to see the bright side of HIPAA. The one big thing he mentions is once you decide to get HIPAA compliant you will learn a lot more about your business.

When we started this company, one of the first things we did was make it HIPAA compliant. Being a new startup, we didn't have the money to work with a HIPAA Compliance company. So, we spent our time reading the regulations. We wrote the policies and procedures and created the schedule of work that is required to make sure we are HIPAA compliant. We have the proof documents that are required to pass a HIPAA audit.

We are now helping other small businesses get HIPAA compliant. The very first thing that needs to be done is an "Accurate and Thorough Risk Assessment". This document compares your office to what is required by HIPAA and gives you a list of issues to be addressed. The lack of an "Accurate and Thorough Risk Assessment" is mentioned as a deficiency in nearly all cases where fines were levied. We highly recommend that you get this done. And Yes, we can help you through this assessment.

Core Values

Honesty, always tell the truth.
Efficiency, do more with less.
Innovation, invent the future.
Committment, do what you say you will do.
Fun, enjoy your work.


  • To help every small business create valid and usable computer backups.

  • To help every small business avoid data loss.

  • To help every small business who wants to be HIPAA compliant achieve HIPAA COMPLIANCE.


Most small businesses are at a huge disadvantage because they can't afford their own internal IT Department. This leads the small business to react to IT problems rather than plan for IT problems.

Did you know that the Windows operating system often reports disk drive errors long before the disk drive ever fails? In a reactive state, you wouldn't know there was a problem until the drive failed. In a planning and preventative state, we would go ahead and order a replacement drive and plan on the best time to replace it.

The internal IT department looks for these kinds of issues and creates a plan ahead of time to limit the risk and limit any IT downtime. IT problems are going to happen. Disk drives fail. Motherboards short circuit. You will lose power. By planning for these issues ahead of time, the business can often continue to do business with little impact on their customers.

As a virtual all-in-one IT department we do all of these things, but we do them from our offices the majority of the time. We review the Windows Audit logs for errors, we review the router logs for possible intrusion attempts, we check the backups every day, and we do all the other things an internal IT department does. We ask our clients to treat us as their internal IT department. We want to be a real part of the business. There are often things that we help with that are not obvious until we begin to understand your business and how it works. We look for business processes that are tedious, time-consuming, or error-prone and help you find ways to automate or make it easier to do. Yes, we can and do fix computers, but we can do a whole lot more to help your business.


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